To My Lost Boy

You’ve gone missing, and my heads gone into a panic. I have no idea where you are, or what you’re doing, but as a recovering drug addict, it starts to make me think you’ve ran away with a needle, and you both are racing to the reach the stars. Imagining that instead of a needle in your hand, that you’ve taken a three piece to your head because the loneliness finally won, and got to your head, that I might have to live in a world where your breath no longer lingers in all the inches of this town, how the baby boy with crystal blue eyes, with the blonde short hair will never get to know the person who shares his same face, that your mom will never get to see your soon be the happy boy he used to be before she messed it all up and let her own demons get to her own head, that a lost girl herself might have lost the one person that could bring her home. The last words I spoke to you were cruel, and it makes me sick to think that those could possibly be the last ones I ever get to tell you. I hope wherever you are at this very moment, that you’re safe. I will always be your anchor.

I love you,



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