The Da Vinci Code

a few moments ago I finished watching the move “The Da Vinci Code”, and like any other movie based on deep rooted purpose, it leaves a mark on you. From a young age I never quite understood religion, or why people gave up their entire way of life to please some imaginary man in the sky, however at a young age and even now I understand history, because the truth behind the actions of events from thousands of years ago absolutely fascinate me. This movie was complicated in nature, but so very easy to comprehend. After the movie ended it reminded me why I oppose religion so heavily like I do. I believe a human should not blindly give up their life to please another individual, I believe a person should live to make themselves happy, that you should not devote yourself, and restrict yourself away from everything that is supposedly wrong. Live to make yourself, live to love yourself for who you want to be, and only you.


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